Welcome to SURF PRESCRIPTIONS Europe website by the shaper Jeff “DOC” Lausch. (California)

Jeff Doc Lausch is been shaping boards professionally for well over 30 years and his creations have been seen in magazines and videos under the feet of many well known surfers pretty much all over the globe. Through innovation and constant strive for improvement, Surf Prescriptions’ Huntington Beach factory, and everyone involved in the brand’s history, has helped shape the modern surf industry to what we know it today..

Jeff “DOC” Lausch is a shaper like no other. His creative flare and style, combined with his open minded approach to new ideas, materials and designs has had him at the forefront of surfboard innovation for years. His latest endeavor with Varial Foam and helping bringing it to the masses, is having a huge impact on the materials revolution. We recently picked his brain about his brand, where he came from and the future of materials.

Jeff Doc Lausch is at the UWL workshop to built some surfboards in 2018.
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